By night I write and produce my own material.


What started in my university halls as a house music project (under the alias Jackal) slowly turned into a loathing of the increasing commercialisation of EDM culture, which had become void of the creativity and innovation championed by it's original pioneers.


This disillusionment gave way to a new found freedom. A freedom not to be confined by what I thought other people might like.


Press play on the right to find out what that sounds like... (coming soon - for now enjoy some Jon Hopkins, who I may or may not be stealing some inspiration from)


If you like what you hear please head back over the coming months to see what's new.


If you're a writer, filmmaker, photographer or musician please get in touch here.

I'm always up for a good collaboration.



Having worked closely with Bella Figura for a couple of years, not only by supplying my mixing and mastering chops but also by performing with them on occasion, it seemed only natural to join the band as a full-time member.


So far, my highlights with the band include recording and producing 3 EP's, playing Wilderness Festival, and Reeperbahn Fesitval in Hamburg.


Since beginning my full-time tenure with the band we've been busy gigging and writing new material, and are excited to have a succession of new singles out soon. The first can be heard here.